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Kim, Kyounghwa Yonnie (2017). “Exclusively for Keitai: Literary Creativity of Japanese Media Youths" in Ilana Eleá and Lothar Mikos (Eds.) Young & Creative. Digital Technologies Empowering Children in Everyday Life. Gothenburg: Nordicom. pp.91-101.
【ABSTRACT】This paper explores a Japanese case of digitally-empowered literature called "keitai shosetsu" (mobile novel), a form of user-created novel written and read exclusively on the mobile platform. Despite a skepticism on the quality as pure literature, it successfully proved its social role as a source for new creativity and demonstrated the power of young females as an active drive and savvy consumers of new technology. Based on an ethnographic research with authors of keitai shosetsu, the paper will focus on the insider's perspective of the phenomenon, as a way to grasp the future of mobile media as a creative tool.