The 12th International ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference (Shanghai University, Shanghai), on 12 August 2018

Mobility, as a pervasive condition for contemporary society (Urry 2008), is at the same time a feature of everyday entanglement with media such as all-pervasive smartphones. Both macro and micro aspects of mobility altogether may constitute a new condition for collective identity formation and socially recognized cartography. This presentation will rather take a micro-approach to focus on mobile media practice as a re-organizing pivot for bodies and spaces. By drawing upon an ethnographic study of mobile media practices in Japanese metropolitan area, it will concern how collective practice blurs the existing territory and create new ones in which offline and online contexts conflict and reconfigure borderlines. Finally, it will reflect upon the changing modalities of border of individuals, community, and society, as an extensive way to discuss the possibility of new cartography in relation with creative media practices.

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