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Kim, Kyounghwa Yonnie (2018). “Keitai in Japan" in Darling-Wolf, Fabienne (Ed.) Routledge handbook of Japanese media. Routledge. pp.308-320.

[ABSTRACT] This chapter explores mobile media (i.e. keitai) and communication of Japan, as a key to understand contemporary mode of Japanese everyday lives. As a powerful test-bed for new technology, Japan has adopted mobile media and wireless Internet quite early so as to provide an excellent example of future of mobile societies. Focusing on the Japanese youth as a cultural pathfinder for adoption of mobile technology, this chapter will present and discuss cultural forms of mobile practices in Japan, whereby to disclose the relationship between mobile technology and its social manifestations. 



  Introduction: a unique but global phenomenon
    The role of young users and ambivalent discourse
    The emergence of mobile Internet and techno-nationalism
    The rise of 'neo-digital natives'
    The preference for asynchronous and literary communication
    Mobile literary creativity: a case of keitai shosetsu
    Gendered creativity: the internet vs. mobile internet
 Conclusion: cultural relocation of technological gadget

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