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"The everydayness of mobile media in Japan" (2015). In L.Hjorth & O.Khoo. (eds.) Routledge Handbook of New Media in asia . Routledge. pp.445-457.



【Abstract】Rapid progress of mobile technology and following techno-oriented social discourses often discourage people to question the cultural essence of mobile media, rather suggest to understand it just as a finished communicational tool, or a black-boxed technology. Particularly in Japan, the world earliest test-bed to adopt mobile technology, the presence of mobile media in everyday lives are so conspicuous and diverse that lived experiences with mobile technology becomes rather an unexciting matter. How to deal with mobile technology as “mundane” (Koskinen 2009) incident in daily life is becoming a key issue in the region.

While introducing social discourses surrounding mobile media in Japan, this chapter will raise a question on how we should rebuild the concept of media literacy under the banalized mobile media environment. In this context, the chapter will introduce the mobile media workshop with Japanese youngsters, being conducted as a cultural probe to envisage the future mobile media. Utilizing auto-storytelling activities and ‘performing ethnography’ (Turner 1987), the workshop participants performed/ visualized their own images of mobile media and finally created the prototype of future mobile media of their imagination. The attempt could be situated as a practical approach towards new media creativity forward the understanding of mobile media as a socio-cultural craft in one’s everyday life, and furthermore to have an ability to reframe and create media practices of their own.

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